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Year of Science wraps with $1.1-million legacy

04/07/2011 10:00am

VANCOUVER – The Province is wrapping up the Year of Science with a $1.1-million investment to create a legacy of science education for British Columbia youth helping prepare them for jobs in the knowledge-based economy of the future.

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Science Fair Foundation BC Announce Winning school...

21/06/2011 2:31pm

It has been an exciting school year jam-packed full of experiments, creative ideas, and science successes. Among those achieving science success this year are the winners of the Science Fair Foundation’s Year of Science challenge. Congratulations to Duncan Cran Elementary in Fort St. John, Trafalgar Middle School in Nelson, and Captain Meares Elementary Secondary School in Tahsis who were the top three schools having the most students participate in science challenges throughout the year.

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Seriously, can home remedies cure the hiccups?

08/06/2011 3:00pm

COQUITLAM – Do home remedies offer a cure for hiccups? That is the question asked in a YouTube video by 18-year-old Tamara Babcock, the fifth semi-finalist selected in the Year of Science “Choose Science, Go Far, Win Big” contest.

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Year of Science steams ahead with energy from spac...

08/06/2011 1:23pm

VANCOUVER – Scientists at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre demonstrated steam power – in space – today in an experiment suggested by 16-year-old Abigail Sherwood, the sixth (and last) semi - finalist to be selected in the Year of Science “Choose Science, Go Far, Win Big” contest.

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Year of Science to Announce Final Semi-finalist

07/06/2011 8:30am

Shhh...the Year of Science has a secret. We’re getting ready to announce the FINAL semi-finalist in the ‘Choose Science. Go Far. Win Big.’ contest. All year long, science minded British Columbians have been coming up with creative ideas for science experiments – from testing the strength of hair to determining the electrifying power of eels! So, who is the final semi-finalist and what brilliant idea have they come up with? Find out on June 8 at 11:15 am as we reveal the final semi-finalist and conduct a demonstration of their experiment.

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DNA identifies victim of Titanic sinking

01/06/2011 4:00pm

The Titanic sunk in 1912, that’s almost 100 years ago. 1,517 people died in the sinking and many of the bodies were never identified. Now, scientists are using DNA testing to identify the victims. Scientists conducted DNA tests using a pair of shoes that belonged to a Titanic victim. The results linked the DNA found in the shoes to the remains of a 19-month-old English boy named Sidney Leslie Goodwin. Science is solving this puzzle one DNA test at a time.

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Printing 3D Organs for Transplants

01/06/2011 4:00pm

Nowadays 3D technology seems to be everywhere. There are 3D TV’s, 3D movies at your local cinema and 3D printers that print organs. Yes, that’s right! Scientists have successfully printed a quarter-sized, two-chamber heart. The printers use cells rather than inkjet cartridges. Soon this technology will be able to eliminate patient wait times for donor organs.

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Yawns might be contagious, but your chimp friend s...

01/06/2011 3:36pm

Guess what? If you are a chimp and you see your chimp buddy yawn, you’ll probably yawn too! Researchers in Atlanta saw this happen when they showed chimps in their facility video of other chimps yawning. What was the neat twist in this story? If they were watching chimps from their own group, they were more likely to yawn than if they were watching a chimp from a group they didn’t belong to. Regardless, if you are a chimp or a human and you’ve caught a case of the yawns from your friends, it is still no excuse to stay home from school.

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Pass the Pre-historic Tofu Please!

01/06/2011 3:28pm

You may think that vegetarianism is a recent craze, but as it turns out, scientific findings suggest that an ancient human relative preferred salad over prehistoric steak.

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