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GECKO Wants to See Your DNA!

Have you ever wondered how your experiences and lifestyle affect your growth and brain development? The GECKO research team wonders about that all the time!

Their researchers are looking at how your experiences with family and friends, or even activities at school, all ‘get under your skin’ to affect the way your genes (think DNA) express themselves. As you grow, your genes are actually ‘switched on and off’ much like a dimmer switch for a light bulb.

Scientists don’t fully know about how and why certain genes change – that’s why the GECKO Project was formed! In collaboration with the Human Early Learning Partnership at the University of British Columbia and Children’s Hospital, they hope to learn how kids’ experiences influence the way their genes change. Someday their research will hopefully lead to programs that will help kids lead healthier lives.

If you want to help the GECKO Project with their research, they are still looking for kids ages 7-11 and their parents to participate through the end of Summer 2011! All participants will receive a $25 gift certificate for their time.