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Interested in meeting other science or math lovers? Join or form a club to connect with other young people who have an insatiable curiosity about the world around them. Even Galileo belonged to a science club!

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Canadian Association of Girls in Science (CAGIS)

Canadian Young Scientist Journal

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Canadian Association of Girls in Science (CAGIS)

Girls aged 7-16 who have a budding interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) can count on CAGIS to feed their enthusiasm. By providing hands-on activities, instructions for fun experiments, events, and opportunities to talk with industry professionals, CAGIS promotes and encourages girls to delve into the sciences!

Click here for more information about CAGIS.

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Canadian Young Scientist Journal. Do you want to express your love of science, share your research, and introduce yourself to fellow scientists from Canada and around the world? Check out the Canadian Young Scientist (CYS) Journal. The Journal is a scientific publication dedicated entirely to the work of students with a goal of fostering the next generation of Canadian scientists. Young scientists are encouraged to submit project reports, case studies or science book review articles with each manuscript subject to peer review prior to publication.

If you have developed an out of this world science project or thought the last book you read about science was amazing, be sure to submit a manuscript. Your work could be studied by scientists here and in countries around the globe and pave the way for a bright future in science, medicine or engineering.

Click here for more information about the Canadian Young Scientist Journal.

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Join or form a Math Club. Many post-secondary institutions have Math Clubs to combine math studies and social events.

If your school doesn’t have a math club, why not start one? Some examples are:

The Math Club at the University of British Columbia

Simon Fraser University Math Student Union

University of Northern British Columbia Mathematics Society's Forum

University of Victoria: Math and Statistics Course Union

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Science Venture offers hands-on, minds-on science, engineering and technology learning opportunities at the University of Victoria for youth entering Grades 1 through 12. From January to March, Science Venture operates Saturday science clubs. Visit Science Venture for more information.

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The Vancouver Aquarium offers Fall and Spring Clubs for children from kindergarten through grade 5 that are hands-on, educational and fun! These programs are perfect for inspiring children to learn about the sea. Offered on Saturdays. Visit the Vancouver Aquarium’s AquaClubs website today!

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YES Magazine. Want to read about the watery world of whales, the science of Star Trek, or the engineering marvels of sandcastles? Science is brought to life on the pages of award winning, Victoria based YES magazine as adventurous young minds learn about everything from technology, biology and engineering, to archeology, paleontology and earth sciences. Readers are also introduced to some of the most fascinating and prolific scientists who have ever lived, including chimp expert Jane Goodall and famed inventor, artist and visionary, Leonardo da Vinci.

YES Magazine is intended to enlighten, entertain and engage young people, aged 10 to 15, with every issue taking readers on a fun, fascinating, and educational journey into the world of science. The publication has won a number of prestigious awards, recently being honoured with the Association of Educational Publishers Periodical of the Year award, as well as previously winning the Eve Savory Award for Science Communication, and the Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion.

Co-founded by David Garrison and Shannon Hunt, later joined by Jude Isabella as managing editor, the science loving trio publish the magazine six times per year. They have also worked together to write five amazing books for kids about science, including “Hoaxed! Fakes & Mistakes in the World of Science”, “Robots: From Everyday to Out of This World” and “Science Detectives: How Scientists Solved Six Real-Life Mysteries”.

Click here for more information about YES Magazine.

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