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Alex Havers

Science Teacher

Left to right: Akshiv Bansal, Samneet Chepal, Thenuga Sasitharan, Alex Land, Alexa Escoboza, Joanne Yoon and Aridam Kumar (captain)

Enver Creek Secondary School, Surrey

Science teachers in BC are as dynamic as the experiments they have their students work on and Alex Havers is no exception. One day, the science teacher from Enver Creek Secondary School in Surrey had his students standing on their chairs during an experiment about electronic fields, and who walks in? The principal! Instead of finding himself looking for another job, Havers found himself a science sidekick, as the principal helped the students by lighting up their light bulbs.

Havers has “a genuine curiosity about how the universe works” and he wants his students to have that investigative spark. He encourages them to see that science is not about absolutes or a simple body of knowledge. Havers wants students to see that science is a process of learning, and he’s learning with them. He says, “My classes are super organisms of expertise, my students’ collective experience is much greater than mine. I learn so much from them.”

Doesn’t that make you want to get up on your chair and cheer? Or conduct your own electronic fields experiment?

Here are some examples of work done by Mr Havers’ students.

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