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Celebrating Science Champions


The Year of Science is celebrating B.C.’s science champions with our contest, and some of them might go on to win one of the biggest prizes in science – the Nobel Prize.

Over the last 100 years, 568 Nobel Prizes have been handed out in the areas of physics, chemistry and medicine. Ten Canadian-born scientists are counted in that number. Dr Frederick Banting was awarded the prize for his research that led to the discovery of insulin that treats diabetes. Forget about Leonardo Da Vinci, Banting was not only great in the lab, he was also a painter.

You can thank another Canadian Nobel Prize winner, Willard S. Boyle, for the digital camera in your phone. Boyle invented a circuit, the CCD sensor, which allows light to be captured electronically. If that wasn’t amazing enough, Boyle’s work also supported the Apollo space program when he worked with Bell Labs.

Until you win your Nobel Prize, the Nobel Prize organization has something for you, including videos featuring Nobel laureates, a fancy way of saying Nobel winner, to games that allow you to explore the science behind the prize. You never know what’s possible if you get started now!